Songscape Gardens is a landscape design/build studio with an emphasis on naturalistic design, ecological principles and the methods of permaculture.

We envision landscapes that not only meet our practical needs but also tap into the many layers of potential in what a garden can be. A garden can calm us, feed us, teach us, and restore our health. A garden can connect us with ourselves, with one another and with the rest of the natural world. A garden can evoke emotion, change our mood, inspire us, spark a sense of wonder and even invite us to examine how we see. As our everyday interface with the natural world, a successful garden and landscape is a practical place to express our values and take steps toward living more responsibly in a time of significant environmental challenges.



We utilize robust plants and an array of natural and renewable materials to create and care for outdoor spaces that are dynamic, regenerative, and resilient. Thoughtful design and good gardening practices result in gardens that require fewer resources to build and manage. We recognize that our own well-being exists within the health of a broader ecosystem, so we design our built outdoor spaces to provide important lasting ecological services including habitat creation, carbon sequestration, soil building and water filtration.



No longer seen as merely a static, one-dimensional painting or as a decorative ornamentation around our buildings, a garden can be a story with rich layers interacting over time. These layers include the stories of the place itself, the stories of the materials used, the intentions and efforts of the people involved and the communities of organisms that come to inhabit a place. As these stories unfold over time it is revealed that a garden is more process than object and is imbued with emotions and values. In this way, a garden sings its own song.